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(Archived) How to reoragnize the database to delete orphaned files?

Guest mrossk

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I have an Evernote-notebook which I sync between Windows and Android. On Android I have set this notebook to "offline".

I have found out that all attachments are stored in the filesystem of Android but when they are deleted in Evernote they are not deleted from the filesystem. So after a while the free space on my android phone is getting smaller and smaller every time when adding and deleting an attchment in Evernote.

Is there a way to reorganize the database on Android to delete this orphanded files and get back the lost space?


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I assume you've already tried the Clear Cache operation in Settings? Not sure that that's going to work, but perhaps worth a try.

I don't know how to empty the trash in Evernote for Android, but there is a .trash folder in the Evernote folder on the device; you could try deleting that as well.

Failing that, delete the directory and re-sync would be the only way that I think would work. A pain, though.

That's all that I can think of.

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