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(Archived) Using location attributes

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A feature request: I'm using the Windows version mainly and on the side pane you can filter notes by using a selection of attributes. Would it be possible to have location as one of those?

A bigger feature request!: It'd also be nice to have a map view with any notes that have a location plotted on it - I've seen software embed Google Map views (I use something called PhotoTrackr for geotagging my photographs). You could also assign locations to notes by dragging the note on to the map in the relevant place.

Finally, I love the application, it's already awesome. Features like the ones above would likely make my head explode ;)

Happy new year :)

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Thanks for the feedback. We're definitely interested in doing more things with geographic information now that more and more people are uploading notes that contain geotag data (e.g. from the iPhone).

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I've looked a bit, but can't seem to find a way to update my location via my laptop. I assume this isn't there, but now that I've discovered the location goodness of the iPhone integration, I want the same for my laptop. Could Evernote accept location data from FireEagle, so my work notes and home notes would be automatically location-tagged? This should be do-able via Tarpipe as well, but they have neither connected with FireEagle nor exposed the location attribute for notes. Thoughts? I'm salivating over this idea now…

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There's currently no way to specify your location on the desktop clients, but we've started to look into some interesting solutions like the WiFi-based geolocation used by the 1.0 iPhones, etc. This is a little ways out, but definitely on our radar.


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Checking in again, now that I've seen the amazing-ness that is the new map integration for iPhone 3.0. I recently discovered Clarke (http://tomtaylor.co.uk/projects/clarke/) and thus have found the background desktop location updater to solve the first part of this problem. The second part remains, however: exposing the location-based attributes of notes via the desktop client. I am thrilled to be able to access notes by location, but can only get at some of my notes that way. Naturally, I want it (them) all… Any additional thoughts here?

--A devoted user and evangelist.

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The next version of the Mac OS (Snow Leopard) will expose location information to applications in the same way that the iPhone OS exposes location to iPhone apps. We'll try to take advantage of this if it works as advertised.

The situation on Windows is (always) a bit more complicated, but there are definitely some options that we'd like to explore in the future.

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I'd be quite happy with the option of entering location manually if I could find notes on a map later - or find notes that are geographically close to the note I'm looking at.

It'd be good to be able to launch either Google Maps or Google Earth in order to pick a location for a note and emded that position in it's attributes - and also to be able to say "Show me this notebook on a map" or, from Google Earth or Maps, show Notes in the area I'm looking at.

The Notes already seem to have co-ordinates and altitude as fields in their attributes, but it's hard to get much use out of them at the moment.

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Oh, Yeah – Snow Leopard… Excellent to know that this is on the roadmap, and a great place for it to be as well. Thanks for the responsiveness, and the excellent-as-usual thinking. We'll look forward to the next great improvements.

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