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(Archived) evernote is amazing

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Just wanted to say that I've been an Evernote user for around 3 months, have a premium account and couldn't be more pleased with how it works. I realise there are lots of features that people are requesting and stuff that isn't working quite right sometimes but to be honest Evernote is the best thing that's happened to my organising ability in years! I love the new pdf viewer, syncing works great, searches are good - and it works so easily and intuitively that I barely think about how I organise anymore which is how it should be. I'm pretty tough on my software and I really can't find much to fault. So, anyway, looking forward to the product getting better and better but for now, great job, well done so thanks to all of you at Evernote who are working so hard to support and develop such a great product.

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