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Prevent Main Window Popping When Adding New Note by Dropping File on Dock

Dave Meehan


I'm using EN 5.0.4 on OSX 10.7.5. I've noticed this problem since 5.0.


I often drag files onto the Evernote dock icon to quickly add a new note with the file as attachment.


When you do this, both the main Evernote window and the new note pop up. There is no need for the main EN window to appear in this context, and in versions prior to EN 5 only the new note window appeared.


Revise EN so that only the new note window appears when dropping a file on the dock icon.

If anyone knows of a preference or hidden setting that prevents this, please let me know!



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With the most recent mac update [v5.6.0 (450741 Direct)] only the main window pops up (which is really the worst of both possibilities)  ;)


I'm ok with the new note showing up so I can edit it immediately (which I usually need to do), though I'd recommend making this an option (with the other choice being "silently add as a note in the default notebook").


Please fix :D

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