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(Archived) Panic! Notes lost! Not in trash! Seems a bug, help please.

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I had an 'Activity' notice that I had a conflicting note so I clicked it & at the top of the window where it usually says (username's notebook) it said (conflicting) instead & all the notes shown there were old & outdated. I couldnt make it go away so I closed & reopened Evernote to get it back to normal.

Once I did that I clicked the drop down menu where the (username's notebook) drop down menu entry was, where it could choose to display the 'conflicting' list again, but instead of changing the display to the 'conflicting' list, it deleted whichever note was currently displayed when I changed the drop-down menu, and immediately switched back to the (username's notebook) drop down menu entry, incrementing to the next note. It took several notes to be deleted before I noticed what was happening.

So I looked online to see my trash bin & there are none of my notes that got deleted in this manner in there.

How can I get my notes back? I have some important work missing now.

These notes are still on my Blackberry, but I dare not sync it because I'm afraid they'll be deleted from there, too if I do.

I found one of the deleted notes in an .html file I was able to copy/paste into a new Evernote note through the PC's file manager connected to the Blackberry's filesystem at the following path: F:\Evernote\notes\2f9\2f9efed5-cd93-414a-9daf-faac5b3cd01c, but when I look through the rest of the directories in the F:\Evernote\notes subfolder, there aren't anymore notes in there. It seems they aren't all stored locally.

If this can't be resolved, I'll never use Evernote again, as this is an unforgivable, serious data loss.

Please advise.


I tried to open the notes on my blackberry evernote while offline so it wouldn't sync them and delete them but it wouldnt show them offline like the PC version will, so I went online & it sync'd, deleting the notes. Now they're gone from both locations.

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Please advise.

I advise you to open a support request. See the link in my signature.

Thank you. I did that already, just after I posted the original topic here in the forum. Hopefully they'll still have a solution although I'm not a paid customer.

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Three days later via the ticket, support still has no answers for me, and my notes still await their rescue party.

Yesterday they had me doing some steps that made me think they didn't understand what the problem was, then I see in my inbox today:

"We have escalated the issue to our level 2 department. They will review all the information you have provided and contact you as soon as possible.

We want to let you know that we are looking into this issue, we will contact you back as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding."

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Today I remembered one of the notes that had been deleted by this bug, so I searched for it using the search field on the left side of the desktop app window, and all the missing or deleted notes re-appeared in my notes list, but they were old versions. When I would select them, the drop down menu on the right side would change to read (conflicting) rather than (username's notebook), and when I would change that drop down menu back to (username's notebook) they wouldn't be deleted, like they would if it were the other way around: choosing (conflicting) from a previously selected (username's notebook).

So I copied / pasted these missing notes from the (conflicting) drop down entry into new notes in the (username's notebook) list, then deleted these notes from my notes list that were in the (conflicting) drop down menu entry.

I suspect the root of the problem lies in there being corrupted libraries due to the installer having installed a new copy of Evernote on top of an older copy without first uninstalling the older copy properly.

Now I’ve successfully uninstalled the old Evernote installation using Revo Uninstaller, which was able to delete hundreds of leftover files from my ~/appdata/ directory which the official installer left behind, so that I was ensured to have a truly fresh installation. Then I installed the new version fresh.

I’m happy to report that the ‘conflicting’ menu entry is no longer present in the drop down menu on the right side of the desktop app. I no longer have to be concerned about deleting notes by accidently choosing it.

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