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(Archived) Can't upgrade from 4.5.1 to 4.6.1

Da Rev

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Currently have v.; using Mozilla Firefox 18.0 on Windows 7 Home Premium.

In trying to uninstall, I receive a Windows Installer message "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable. Click OK to try again or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'Evernote.msi' in the box below." The Use source box is searching for "c:\Users\Burke\AppData\Local\Temp\" In browsing/searching for the Evernote.msi folder, the only location that this file appears in is "Computer/Program Files (x86)/Evernote/Evernote".

I can't get past this point either trying to uninstall 4.5.1 through Control Panel or trying to install 4.6.1 through either the pop-up reminder or the link on evernote.com.

As I close out of the installer, I get an ultimate message from Windows Installer: "The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it."

I am synced and can access my notes via both tablet and smartphone as well as the web version. I can also still use 4.5.1 on the desktop, so the installation does not seem to have been corrupted from my attempts to uninstall.

Can you offer a suggestion as to how to continue with this upgrade? Thanks in advance.

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By the way, I recommend you read the 4.5.10, and 4.6 betas and GA threads before you upgrade to any 4.6, and some later levels of 4.5.10, since you might be being saved from a lot of grief and stress you don't want. Just sayin.

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I had the same error when I tried to upgrade from 4.6.0 to 4.6.1. I looked in my AppData\Local\Temp folder and found the evernote.msi file, and ran it from there. It installed, but now I have both versions and can't uninstall 4.6.0.

Version 4.6.0 is in my program files folder, but the new one installed itself to AppData\Local\Apps\Evernote\

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I actually ended up writing for assistance. Nicely, the Evernote team suggested a way to get everything working--after explaining that I'd tried everything--including uninstalling--to upgrade. Their suggestion was to use Revo Uninstaller to wipe all traces of my old Evernote out of windows and then download and install the new one. It worked!

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