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(Archived) Setting sort order

Purple Albie

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Hello, I'm new here, and this is my first post.

I've recently converted from Palm Memos to Evernote (for access on my iPod, Android, and PC). Overall I'm pretty happy with the functionality, but one thing I can't figure out. Most of my memos (notes) are relevant to me alphabetically (e.g., I have a category (Notebook) for all authors I own books for, where each note is a list of the books I own or have read by that author). But every single time I open Evernote, I have to change it manually to show my Notes by Title, and then I have to also change it to be A-Z instead of reverse sort order.

Since looking at things alphabetically seems pretty normal to me (or am I weird?), I can only assume there must be a way to get this to default A-Z instead of in date order. Or...? Presumably this is the same question on the other platforms, but so far I'm mostly setting things up and using it on my PC.


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Hi Purple Albie, welcome to the forum :)

Sometimes the windows client fails to save your sort choice.

It is possible to force it to save:

- Open Evernote

- Choose your sort order

- Exit Evernote via File -> Exit - Answer Yes to the confirmation prompt.

- Open Evernote again, and check that it has saved.

This process forces Evernote to save it's settings in the registry, and this is one of the settings saved.


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