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Request - Can We Have The Ability To Copy Docs Into An Email


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Hi All,

Scenario is:

I quote a customer which is emailed via my email service (Outlook in my case). In the email is a Word quotation, which when saved on my computer, automatically creates a note in the 'Word 2013' 'Notebook' in Evernote.

I have made the decision that all quotes once raised will only be worked on from within Evernote. Although I have a folder with Word documents in, I can see me wanting to get rid of this as the system I am now using with Evernote becomes more productive and efficient. Ie I don't need two copies of the same quotation.

All is fine.

The customer replies and wants a minor change to quote or in my instance this morning I missed a line off the quotation.

So I open the quotation in Evernote, make the change and save it. This works fine so far.

Now I 'reply' to the customer's email in Outlook and want to attach the updated/corrected quotation.

I try to drag it from Evernote - It won't work

I try to copy and paste from Evernote - It won't work

The only way for this to work, is if I right click the quote in Evernote and use 'Save as'. Then drag from the location I saved it, to the email. Then I have to delete the quotation from where I saved it.

This is a bit long winded!

Is there not a way of being able take the Word document from Evernote by dragging or copy and pasting direct into my email? If not can we please have a look at this for the future?

Now I feel there might be a way to email direct from Evernote, but this is no good. I keep the email string intact by always replying direct from the customers email in Outlook. I would not want to store my emails within Evernote as I get too many and feel this will cause me some grief. To get my existing database of emails into Evernote would probably take weeks of syncing as I have somewhere in the region of 100K that I often have to access. So unless someone has a working method that makes sense I cannot see that being useful for me.

Best regards


ps same scenario with pdf's

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