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(Archived) Link note to email

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Hi all,

does anybody know if it's possible to do this?

I want to link a note to one specific email in outlook and the possibility to see this note in my standard inbox-view (like a second reading pane for example).

Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,


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Hi Thomas. You have two options. There's a utility called Linker for Windows which allows you to physically link back into Outlook. It has been discussed here before.

Your other possibility, in Windows at least, is to drag the email to your desktop, then into your note. You'll get a file attachment in MSG format that Evernote can't read or display directly - but if you click the icon in the note on your desktop (doesn't work in mobile clients) it will be opened in Outlook just like the email in your inbox. In fact you can then delete the email in Outlook, because the copy stored in the note attachment can be used in exactly the same way.

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OK that's not going to happen. Evernote can't tap in to Outlook's index so as to display a note related to the current email. You can 'clip' an email to a note, and you can show that note in its own window by double-clicking the note so it floats free; but your Evernote information is forever separate from your Outlook data. You can search in one or the other and move between the two, but they won't be linked in any way. If you change emails the note stays the same; if you change notes, the email remains. The Elephant Mob are good, but they're not that good...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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