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(Archived) Google apps integration.

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Hi all,

I saw some old forum posts about integration in Google apps for business.

Yet i havent been able to find solutions so maybe u know what we must do.

Our small company only works in the Google apps environment mainly and

we are looking how we can integrate Evernote as we would like to use Evernote

as an premade mail storage at first. We need to get acces to Evernote actually

inside our Gmail environment only so that we can do quick copy pasting in the mail to fasten up reply's.

We are aware that Gmail has build in preformats but Evernote is so super handy and to setup and maintain we would love to it this way.

any tip's, ideas, Howto's, links etc. are appreciated

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Hi - have a look at Powerbot (formerly Everbot) - a browser add-in which acts like the Evernote email clipper. You could also use your Evernote account email address in CC or BCC fields, but that will only capture single emails. Powerbot will grab a thread.

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Just started using Powerbot -- am disappointed I can't save to a shared folder...any ideas?

Not that much into Powerbot yet, but if the problem's with them, the PB devs seem friendly enough - see if they can help!

Are you saving into a shared folder that you own directly, or one that has been shared with you?

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@jberriz - haven't noticed that problem. Don't think I've tried to use a link yet though. Try sending yourself an email with a link to see whether that fails, and if so, feedback to Powerbot. Some email links are shortened or go through external counters and contain coding that might not survive being copied.

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We've buit an integration with Google Calendar. And working on Google Drive as I write these lines




Is that what you are looking for?


OK interesting - I'll have a look in more detail.  One initial point- I signed up,  I see that I can now  "Automatically add an event in Google Calendar each time you create a note in a specific Evernote notebook" - but what note format can I use?  I don't see any help options or examples...

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