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(Archived) About Chinese Characters

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I'm an active Evernote user from China since Ver 3.0. Thank you so much for providing us such a fantastic tool for taking notes.

I've been waiting the day when I can search Chinese Characters in Evernote since the very first day I began to use it. You've been keeping updating Evernote all through the way and so many new features have been added these days. But it seems you neglected to enhance its Chinese Character search function. There are a large number of Evernote users in China; if it supports Chinese search, I believe the number will be significantly increased.

I was wondering if you have any development plan related to Chinese Character support.

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We plan to improve support for non-English languages. Two months ago, we modified our web search engine so that it would find Chinese words within new notes. This should also work on the iPhone, which performs its searches on the server.

We plan to add similar support within the Windows and Mac clients.

We also plan to add the ability for Chinese users to purchase Premium subscriptions via a second payment system. (Google Checkout isn't available in China.)


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Thank you. It's happy to know you've gotten to Non-English languages support improvement. I tried Chinese search on Web just now and I was so glad to find that it worked well. Owing to I use the Windows desktop most, I hadn’t found this feature before you told me. Knowing the Window desktop will support this and the second payment system for Chinese users is coming, I have no worries to enjoy taking notes on Evernote.

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