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(Archived) Keyboard shortcuts - where is the the missing link in search?



Why can't I move focus from a note or search to the list of notes visible on my screen? Shortcuts abound to populate this list, but once I've selected a single note (or stuck with the first result in search), I can't get back to the list at all! For example, I type Cmd-Alt-F to move focus to the search box, type my search to find matching notes, hit enter to search and see the list of results, and then I can't cycle through the notes which matched my search. Tab just opens a search options box, as does down - I have to drag my mouse around and pick out the note I want to read, then once I've done this I'm trapped in the note and can't get back to my results list.

There doesn't seem to be a general shortcut to return focus to the view of notes, either from the search box, sidebar or from within a note. Please add this shortcut, or document it if I've missed it, otherwise any work you've done to add shortcuts to jump to notebooks, search or shortcuts becomes kind-of useless once your users have selected a note to read or edit.

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This is my single biggest issue.  I want to be able to navigate using only the keyboard.  Unfortunately when I'm editing a note, there is no way to get focus back to the note list to move through them with just the keyboard.

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