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(Archived) Bug in Evernote for Android


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I am running Evernote 4.4.2 on my Samsung Galaxy S3 (with Jelly Bean). When I enter edit mode on one of my notes created on my Mac (OS X 10.8.2), I get the following message: This Note contains some unsupported formatting. The only special formatting I do in that note is check boxes, horizontal lines and bold and underlined text. The check boxes are not displayed.

In addition any attempt to edit by tapping on a location on the screen requires me to tap on text, and then the whole line is selected and that line is then displayed in a separate editing section on the screen.

This note displays and edits properly on my Mac and on my iPad.

Other notes with the same type of formatting created on my Mac show the same problems on my S3.

Notes created on the S3 with same type of formatting seem to work fine.

Is this unique to Android? To the S3? Is there an incompatibility with notes created on a Mac?

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All styling are not editable on Android yet.

Each platform (Android, Windows, iOS) provides a different level of support for text styling. That's not specific to Evernote, most of the text editing app won't provide exactly the same editing capabilities across platform.

We hope to support more styles in the future.

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Thanks for the reply. But I still have a question: The note I am trying to edit has very minor formatting -- checkboxes, bold and underlined text, and horizontal lines. First guess is that it is the horizontal line, because I can't see that as a formatting option on the droid phone? Second question: why can't I see the check boxes when I go into edit mode on the droid? I can see them on a note created on the droid.

Thanks again

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This one has bugged me to since it suddenly started happening one day. (Don't remember when, but, got an update the, wah lah, this message starts coming up a lot..)

I tried mk9's idea on a note that just now was a "Penalty Box" for me and went back and looked - no Horizonal Line. It had a Word DOCX attached to it, so, I got rid of that two and re-synced both sides. But, I still can't cleanly / plainly edit the note - even though it just has Bold text, bullets, todo boxes. It's just a pretty plain note and I would hope be plainly editable (not have to edit in sections).

I'm attaching what my desktop note looks like. Sorry; had to redact some stuff. Hope I redacted all I needed to! :wub:


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