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I'm new to evernote and originally downloaded it as I am writing a historical non fiction book and needed a better way to organize my notes. I haven't yet found a way on my own, and am wondering if its possible to create wiki style links in Evernote. For example if I am looking at the note about person A and it mentions a meeting with person B, and I'm trying to remember who person B was, do I have to go searching through all my notes or is there a way to have some kind of link right next to person B's name that would open up their information note? I know there is the Tag system but as far as I can tell that just places a tag on the whole note, and some of my notes are thousands of words long, so its time consuming to read through the whole note for the information I need. I hope this makes sense.

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. It's fairly easy to create a link between notes, though not as easy as a wikilink. In your example, find your note for person B in List view and right-click. Choose "copy note link" (sometimes the note will sync first) and then paste that link into your main note. Or open the main note in a new window and click and drag person B's note into it from list view to create the link. You can highlight a word or phrase and use "create a hyperlink" to paste the other note URL.

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