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(Archived) Feature Request: Replace Note with Same Url. Also, idea for "live links" extension.


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I've marked this post in the Chrome category but I would think users of all browser would like to see this. Any of you out their that would like to see these features too, please "like" this post or better yet, chime in.

TO EVERNOTE DEV STAFF: I clip a lot of forum threads and blog posts to Evernote. For the more important ones I frequently go back and re-clip them when new replies or blog post comments appear (especially in programming blog posts). Now I have duplicate notes and I only really want the last version.

I don't expect the Web Clipper to do a full notes search looking for duplicate notes. That would be a time consuming task. But how about a simple sourceUrl check? If there's another note with the same sourceUrl, add a checkbox to the Web Clipper pop-up dialog that says "Replace Existing Note at this URL?". If checked, the existing Note is replaced with the new clipping. That would be a huge boon to people that clip forum threads and blog posts. Details note: you might want to check the note's Updated date too to see if the user added their own content. In that case, put up a warning message before replacing the note.

TO MY FELLOW EVERNOTE DEVELOPERS: This bit goes out to Evernote chrome extension developers like Bausk. Here's my vote for a Chrome extension that does something similar to the "live links" feature other browsers have offered in the past. The idea is a chrome extension that lets you mark certain URLs as "live links". Then once a day or some other user settable frequency it goes out, scans those URLs for changes and if found, creates a note in Evernote for the contents of that URL. If a note with the same sourceURL already exists, it is replaced with the updated contents.

-- roschler

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