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Remember current location in Tags/Notebook pane


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I am using the Evernote (268178) Windows client. Whenever I do any editing operations in the pane on the left side containing my Notebooks and Tags, the pane refreshes without remembering the Notebook or Tag I was just editing. Since I have a lot of Notebooks and Tags, that means I have to hunt and scroll for the row I was on before I made the edit after the Refresh occurs. If I'm doing several edits in a row, like creating a new Notebook stack and moving some Notebooks around, the operation becomes a bit tedious. Note this is obviously not a major issue, but it would be nice if the process was more streamlined.

If you can, please note the current active row and the scroll position in the Notebooks/Tags pane before doing the Refresh operation you execute after an edit. Then, reposition that pane at the location that the edit took place before the Refresh.

Also, it would be great if the Help -> About box had a button to copy the current version number to the Clipboard. Right now the text is "read-only" so a user has to re-enter the lengthy version number when reporting it to you.

UPDATE: Still happens with Evernote

-- roschler

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I have the same request. I haven't figured out all the patterns, but many times the left panel is re-positioned and I have to scroll back to where I was. Very annoying!

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Same request.  This drives me up the wall!  Please stop refreshing the entire note and note list when tagging or changing date.  The current note drops to the bottom of the part of the notes list which is displayed at the time, so to move to the next note I have to scroll down, even if I was originally in the middle of the list

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