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Firstly -


I have an Htc Mogul, windows mobile 6.0

It has adobe reader built in - and i can view PDF' no problem

I imported about 40 PDF's to evernote , and they all work Amazing, except 2 things.

1) text on evernote (pdf's) is easy and searchable - but does not light up yellow in the PDF ( i could care less..)

2cant find a way to view my evernote PDF's on my HTC MINMO POCKET PC no way at all....

Any suggestions/..??

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I will definitely be looking for the update ...!!

Its not a deal-breaker for me as I can rescan in things like insurance cards ... Its just nice as a .pdf as I can put a double

sided document as 1 document, and if I go as a jpg then I need 2 pics for 1 business or medical card as their double sided.

Thanks again --- So much.

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