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(Archived) pasting bug in V5.04 more details



The inabilitiy to post links is problematic for those of us making our evernote wiki-like. Having played around with it this morning....

If you paste an intra-evernote link at the beginnning of a line, it pastes OK

If you paste a link AFTER the beginning of a line, you get plain text.

This doesn't seem to work for http pasting.

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I can't paste images outside Evernote in v5 (Mac Desktop). Pasting an image from one note to another works fine. But I very often take an image I've captured in Evernote and paste it to an Apple Mail message, Word document or something else. Since v5 this is no longer possible. Just the top portion of the image appears when I paste. As of v5.0.4 this bug is still not fixed.

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