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(Archived) Windows Mobile version 3.2 ROCKS

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This morning as started Evernote to upload a snapshot of a business card, I was told a new version is available. I installed it.

Before I tell you my experience, let me tell you a bit about how I love snapping biz cards on my Verizon XV6700. The problem has been

1. Images are autonumbered in a folder and I have a tough time deciding which one is the latest one.

2. So, I have to start the picture viewer, see the image I want to upload, get the file name.

3. Get back to Evernote, select the folder and file, upload it. (In a previous version, I used to be able to preview the image that i want to upload - not any more).

4. Go back to explorer to delete the file.

5. When I go to my laptop, I have to move it to the appropriate notebook, put a title and some text.

OK - here we go with the new version.

1. I still have to pick the file from the list and guess which one is it that I want to upload.

2. However, the surprise was the next step. It shows me a preview of the picture. If that is not the one, I just cancel, select the appropriate image.

3. Now, in one shot, I can do three things.

a) Add a Title

:) Add notes and text

c) Change the notebook where I want to upload this.


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