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(Archived) Feature request - automatically add mail application URL to incoming emails



I've brought this up before, but seen no real feedback. A feature that would be extremely helpful, especially given the way I use Evernote would be to include a message://<...> URI as the URL for a note when it is forward via email to my Evernote address. The message id is in the mail header, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Also, please allow me to paste such a URL into the link box. Why do you have to filter what we put in a link box? If it doesn't work, its my fault.

The reason I need this is because I embrace the Evernote philosophy of dumping everything I have to do into Evernote. This means I always clear my inbox by forwarding to Evernote, and classify these incoming actions several times a day as I work.

The problem comes when I need to answer these emails, which may even be weeks or months old. I have to look at the sender, subject and date and then find them in Mail in order to reply. For various reasons I don't like to mail them directly from Evernote. I have multiple sender addresses - personal, company, etc. I also can't see the whole thread the original message was in, and I want to preserve the email thread for those I am corresponding with. Breaking the chain by emailing from Evernote doesn't do that.

Any chance of getting this implemented? If not, could you at least stop filtering the URLs in links I create? I can do it in applescript if necessary if the URLs are not filtered out.

P.S. a message URL works on the Mac and iOS. I don't really know about other platforms. If it is a problem because it only works on Mac and iOS, maybe it could be a configuration item?

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I would also like this feature, though I am using windows. Right now I have to manually copy the gmail url link from the address bar into the forwarded email I send to Evernote in order to make it easy to find it and respond later. If it was automatically part of the new evernote it would be great.

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