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(Archived) Feature Request: "Copy Stack As" menu choice..

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Please can we have an option to Copy Stack As..

There's been lots of discussion about templates, and a copied note is always useful as the basis for this; but for more detailed tasks a single note can go on (and on), requiring lots of scrolling to get to relevant information or to add/ edit details.

I far prefer a notebook stack with a list of related tasks as separate notebooks under the main project heading. Subsidiary progress and information can be embedded or attached as necessary.

Sometime last year Jefito suggested exporting the whole stack and then re-importing to a different notebook I missed that at the time, and have only just been made aware of it via the LinkedIn Evernote Users Group and member Les.

The idea looks good, though the whole process needs tidying up with AHK and/ or ENScript.. or a menu option within Evernote. (There's already an applescript, but we only speak Windows around here..)

So: once you have your stack set up as a template, all you need do is select the parent and run through a little process that sets up a new parent notebook and installs a copy of the template stack in its new home.

Now if only there was a way to set up links between notebooks much more easily I could make the parent notebook my summary control sheet with links to all the subsidiary tasks and developments...

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