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(Archived) Incomplete Sync


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I use Evernote everywhere. On my Mac, my windows xp, my blackberry and my playbook. I recently did a clean install of Windows 8 on my desktop and now I'm having problems.

The desktop client seems to be broken. I currently have 396 notes in my account, and on the Windows 8 desktop client it only syncs 221.

  • I've tried uninstalling and re-installing.
  • I've tried the betas
  • I'm currently using the most recent version (

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the desktop version on windows 8 is working fine for me. i reset my computer last month so i just went to try install the RT version of evernote again but im getting stuck on 9% this time. reinstalled and got the same problem. it was working fine before. dunno how to check what version im running.

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