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  1. tried it out for a minute. seems good overall but i couldn't find the left/right navigation buttons anywhere and the same with the atlas. have these features been removed completely or will they be added back in at some stage? also, when did adding hyper links/note links to images get removed? ive mostly been using evernote web for the last year so i havnt noticed the change. ive reverted back to version 5.6 for now as i use note links quite a bit to get around evernote but like being able to embed the links in images instead of just having the green link text showing up. nice to se
  2. the main reason i mainly stick to notebooks is because it requires slightly less effort than tagging. like when creating a new note on the desktop version, the notebook will automatically be selected but tagging involves 2 extra steps, clicking "add tag" or "f3", and then typing the name of the tag. when a tag is selected from the left menu and you make a new note, its created in the default notebook but the tag that was being viewed isn't added to the note. it's the same deal on android but slightly more awkward because of the screen size. it sounds fairly insignificant but even though i
  3. after using only the web version for the last while it actually looks rather strange going back to the desktop and the default font it uses. im using a surface pro as well which doesn't help since everything is really small. but it would be nice if we didn't have to go and buy the font just to have everything look the same across the different clients
  4. ha ha i spoke too soon, the latest update has an option to turn off the red lines! thanks, finally! it turns it off spell check completely though so right clicking a mis-spelt word wont bring up any alternative spellings, but its much better than looking at a page of red lines
  5. I find it hard to believe i have been using evernote for over two years now and they still havnt added the simple option of turning off them ugly red spellcheck lines. youd be there all day having to go through each word and click "ignore word"
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