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  1. tried it out for a minute. seems good overall but i couldn't find the left/right navigation buttons anywhere and the same with the atlas. have these features been removed completely or will they be added back in at some stage? also, when did adding hyper links/note links to images get removed? ive mostly been using evernote web for the last year so i havnt noticed the change. ive reverted back to version 5.6 for now as i use note links quite a bit to get around evernote but like being able to embed the links in images instead of just having the green link text showing up. nice to see some good updates anyway, thanks
  2. the main reason i mainly stick to notebooks is because it requires slightly less effort than tagging. like when creating a new note on the desktop version, the notebook will automatically be selected but tagging involves 2 extra steps, clicking "add tag" or "f3", and then typing the name of the tag. when a tag is selected from the left menu and you make a new note, its created in the default notebook but the tag that was being viewed isn't added to the note. it's the same deal on android but slightly more awkward because of the screen size. it sounds fairly insignificant but even though ive tried tags many times i still end up adding to notebooks because its just that bit quicker and easier. i think if the process of adding tags had a bit more polish i might be able to switch. like having the tag list pop up on windows instead of having to type first would mean a tag could be using only a mouse. if 3 or so recent tags were listed it would make it quicker and maybe 3 suggestions/predictions, something similar to how the web clipper works. these would make it even easier on the mobile version of evernote. also when typing tags it just uses a basic search instead of fuzzy. why hasn't that ever been updated? for example if you want to add the tag "SomeName" and can only remember part of the name and type "Name" it wont show up... you have to type "Some" from the very beginning or else it disappears from the list. there are plenty other little things about tag entry that could be improved that i wont get into but i think its all very strange when people say evernote is best suited to tag use instead of notebooks, yet evernote seems to be designed better to add things to notebooks. so something doesn't add up. even the new android widget lets you quickly add a note to a notebook, but not to a tag.
  3. after using only the web version for the last while it actually looks rather strange going back to the desktop and the default font it uses. im using a surface pro as well which doesn't help since everything is really small. but it would be nice if we didn't have to go and buy the font just to have everything look the same across the different clients
  4. its pretty shocking that this problem has been acknowledged for 13 months now and it still hasnt been fixed. its seriously bugging the hell out of me now for i dont know how long and ive been putting off sorting through any notes because it is just too frustrating being sent back to the top of the list any time i make a change. sometimes i wonder what they are doing with all the money we give them. they should really think about hiring a second developer
  5. any luck with this? i cant make a notebook shortcut to my homescreen but i dont use shortcuts on my homescreen so this isnt much use to me. and i cant find anyway of copying this shortcut into folder organizer. is it saved somewhere on the phone do you know?
  6. the thing that would make my life complete is the ability to reorder notes. something like the "anydo" todo list app would be ideal. so instead of having notes sorted by date created or updated you could rearrange the notes depending on priority. it would be handy for project or shopping notebooks, just drag all the important notes to the top of the list in the order you need to do them in. thats the way i used todo list managers the best anyway, i set reminders the odd time... but they are always ignored and i just end up postponing it to some random day the week after and eventually they all keep piling up. so im praying evernote comes out with something like sortable lists soon, so i wont have to keep switching between different apps
  7. the desktop version on windows 8 is working fine for me. i reset my computer last month so i just went to try install the RT version of evernote again but im getting stuck on 9% this time. reinstalled and got the same problem. it was working fine before. dunno how to check what version im running.
  8. ha ha i spoke too soon, the latest update has an option to turn off the red lines! thanks, finally! it turns it off spell check completely though so right clicking a mis-spelt word wont bring up any alternative spellings, but its much better than looking at a page of red lines
  9. I find it hard to believe i have been using evernote for over two years now and they still havnt added the simple option of turning off them ugly red spellcheck lines. youd be there all day having to go through each word and click "ignore word"
  10. perfect! thanks peter, just what i was looking for! and just to point out something, im using dual monitors and when i have evernote on my second monitor the Shift+Alt+A and Shift+Alt+S shortcuts open up on the top left of the first monitor. the other ones work fine though thanks again
  11. ok, thanks. maybe some time in the future. its no big deal anyway, just something that would save a few minutes everyday
  12. im really liking this new favourites bar, i never used tags that much because it was too much effort scrolling down to the tags section every time i selected a different notebook so anyway im just wondering if there is a shortcut key to select/put focus on the "Tags" button in the favourites bar, so you could just start typing straight away... similar to the "F6″ shortcut key you press to start searching in all notebooks. it would be handy being able to do it without having to move the mouse up there every time you need to filter something, im more of a keyboard guy you see
  13. YES! it would be great! i mentioned the same thing a few times already this year, and have seen a few other people mentioning it as well. although i remember one person saying that evernote is not trying to be a full blown word processor so they probably wont ever add a feature like this... but it clearly IS trying to be a full blown word processor since it already has the ability to have bold,italics, fonts size, font colour... and on top of that there is the indentation and text justification.... so i think thats a pretty dumb argument all we are asking for is a way to combine all the features that are "already there" into some sort of dropdown menu that we will be able to get to a bit quicker than changing the font size and colour each time to make a header, then changing it back to the body text size and colour...
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