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(Archived) Changing a notes notebook makes it disappear



When editing an existing note, when you choose to store it in a different notebook it vanishes and you have to change your search filters to retrieve it an continue editing. It's pretty frustrating.

Steps to produce:

  1. Create a new note in your default notebook (mine is called _Inbox)
  2. Click the dropdown to select a new notebook for the note
  3. It will disappear and you'll now be editing the next note in the current search filter (_Inbox)
  4. To retrieve it you need to navigate to the notebook you chose and continue editing

Any way this could be patched?

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This behaviour is by design and for me it's very logical and straightforward, because EN shows all notes connected to the chosen notebook (_Inbox in your case), When changing the notebook information you have to choose the other notebook to show this note again.

Perhaps you could try to edit the note in your _Inbox notebook first and as final step change the notebook?

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I'm not sure I'd agree it's logical and straightforward: I struggled to figure out what had happened the first time I did it: one moment I'm editing a note, the next it's gone. It was only after doing it a few times that I figured out it was moving the note, and I wasn't in the filter that would show it.

Personally I think one of these options would work really well

  • Warn the user that the note will be moved to a new notebook so it will disappear from the current view, maybe even have a "This will move the note to the {{ notebook name }}. <Proceed> <Proceed and go to {{ notebook name }} notebook">
  • Give a dialogue after the move linking to the new location, something like "You changed {{ note name }}'s notebook, you can see it the {{ notebook name }} notebook"
  • Change the current notebook in the view to the one we just selected with some kind of visual cue

I don't know what your thoughts are on that? Whatever either retains the note in view, or gives some kind of visual cue to denote it has moved preferably with a mechanism to go to the note.

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