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(Archived) Hide unassigned tags in Android app


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For me, one of the most powerful features in the Evernote is the "Hide Unassigned Tags" (in both the web and Windows client), together with being able to ctrl-click to select multiple tags. This lets you put the current tag list into the context of your currrent list of notes. So I can really drill down and find the note(s) that I'm looking for in seconds. Here's my current workflow for finding a note I'm looking for:

1. Click on a related tag (the tag list shrinks to show only tags related to that tag).

2. Ctrl-click on another tag to further drill down if required.

3. Repeat until my note list is small enough that I can quickly seee the note I'm looking for.

Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to do similar in the Android app. I notice there's an advanced search which lets you click on tags, but this doesn't let you drill down by only showing tags assigned to the current context.

Is this something that's in the pipeline for the Android app?



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