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  1. Oh nice - that works perfectly! For some reason, I wasn't expecting that to create an "Evernote table" (ie. with all the widgets and functionality that a native Evernote table supports) - but it does convert it to an Evernote table, so works well! Thanks for that Dan
  2. If I have, for example, 100 lines of text - how I do create a 100-row table out of this? Pasting into a new table just puts the entire content into the same cell. I can't see an option when selecting the text to "create a table" out of it. Is there something I'm missing?
  3. Looks like they've now killed this in the Windows version too
  4. Just to echo what everyone here has already said ... Evernote - please please put this feature back in! It's so important to people's workflow! It is one of the main things that made Evernote so powerful. The ability to quickly drill down on tags that are within the context of your current results is what tags are all about. Otherwise they're not much more than just categories. I found it annoying that this functionality wasn't included in the Android app, but now it's gone in the Windows client too! I completely agree with this earlier comment:
  5. For me, one of the most powerful features in the Evernote is the "Hide Unassigned Tags" (in both the web and Windows client), together with being able to ctrl-click to select multiple tags. This lets you put the current tag list into the context of your currrent list of notes. So I can really drill down and find the note(s) that I'm looking for in seconds. Here's my current workflow for finding a note I'm looking for: 1. Click on a related tag (the tag list shrinks to show only tags related to that tag). 2. Ctrl-click on another tag to further drill down if required. 3. Repeat until my note list is small enough that I can quickly seee the note I'm looking for. Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to do similar in the Android app. I notice there's an advanced search which lets you click on tags, but this doesn't let you drill down by only showing tags assigned to the current context. Is this something that's in the pipeline for the Android app? Cheers, Dan
  6. Another +1 here. I use it a lot for code snippets, and I use tab spacing of 4, not 5.
  7. Great, thankyou for that information. I had forgotten to "subscribe" to the topic, so only just noticed the replies. I am a premium member, so that's good to know :-)
  8. So how about if there was an option to keep tabs, and if this was set it would internally store those as " " (so would be rendered as a single space), then when you copied into the clipboard, it would replace this with a physical tab?
  9. Just to put it into context - the reason I want to keep tabs is because I want to use evernote to store code snippets. So I want to copy and paste from my notes into my code editor. Evernote would be the ideal tool for programmers storing their snippets, if only it didn't remove the tab formatting.
  10. When I first tried ev4, it definitely kept tabs. I had tried using evernote initially at 3.5, and this lack of tab support made it a deal breaker. When I tried using it again when ev4 was released, it definitely worked, and I've started using evernote again. I thought this had been sorted in en4 :-( Yet again, I'll have to start looking for an alternative. It's a shame because on the whole evernote is an awesome piece of software. It seems absolutely crazy to me that it would change your formatting behind your back. I'm sure I'm not the only person that wants to keep tab characters in my text. I understand that you store the data as HTML entities, but there is an HTML entity for the tab character ( ).
  11. I've just noticed that tabs have stopped working again. As soon as I enter a tab character, it's immediately converted to spaces :-( I thought this had been fixed? I'm using version " (110883) prerelease". Cheers, Dan.
  12. Does anyone know how secure Evernote is on a local LAN? If I'm using the Windows client software both at home and at work, and I have evernote notebooks that are personal, can the data being synced be viewed by my work's IT department? Via a packet sniffer or something? Also, I log out at the end of each day - can the local database file be accessed without my login password, or is the data encrypted? Cheers, Dan.
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