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Upgraded Evernote to However in Thunderbird Web Clipper is and Firefox 3.0.4 it's and can't find updates. Are these versions currently the latest as extensions in Mozilla or do you know if there are there updates available somewhere?

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Am OK now with the latest version for Mozilla TB & FF Recommendations are:

1) In TB, have added to bar at the top the button "add to Evernote." Far too long a title, unless of course, icons only are being used. Perhaps it could be changed to simply "Evernote"? Perhaps it's simply a shortcut to open Evernote outside of TB?

2) It's not included in the tools dropdown which would be nice if someone didn't have the space for another button.

3) When in FF I go to the site you recommended to download, it auto attempts to DL. As you know it should be to right click and save to disk, then add it to TB with TB open. And if viewing inside of FF, it DL's with FF running. Perhaps something could be said on the download page -- instead of simply auto download.


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