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(Archived) Mac screenshot make evernote crash




I've updated evernote yesterday to Version 5.0.0 from the mac appstore and since making a screenshot makes evernote crash.

This is what I exactly do:

- select clip window or rectangle or fullscreen from evernot top bar widget

- do the screenshot

- the new note with the screenshot appears but is totally unreactive

- I go back to another app

- I choose the main window of evernote (by right clicking the dock icon and selecting "evernote" window)

- It reappears but then crashes quasi automatically.

I join an OSX stack trace as it might help you.

I've been able to reproduce the crash 5 times by always doing the same operations.

Thanks for fixing that and btw I love the new version (except that crash ;) )

evernote stack trace.txt

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