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(Archived) iPhone wifi access behind proxy

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I'm using evernote @Home with my Wifi personnal internet connection without problem, the notes are synchronising correctly, but when I'm at the office behind a proxy, the notes currently in "pending mode" never synchronize

Is it related to the proxy itself or the port used by evernote to sync (other protocols such as imap / smtp are filtered by our ICT department).

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We are connecting with standard HTTP and HTTPS, so this should work. We have changed a little of the proxy code for our next iPhone release (on the AppStore soon!), and this may help your problem. Try it out when you get the update ... let us know if it still doesn't work then.

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I just tried and it's working : safari asks me about the certificate, which I accept, then I'm able to access the login screen and I can consult my notes (although the connection isn't https anymore when I'm loged in).

Other apps I'm also testing and that use https are working behind the firewall...

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I don't have an immediate fix for you ... if you can access our web UI from Safari on that device with no errors or warnings, you should be able to access it via Evernote's client as well. We'll take a look at this, however.


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