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(Archived) QUESTION: How do you process notes very quickly


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I use Evernote for my GTD. I keep a list of projects in a project notebook. I have a stack of three key areas of my life. Each project essentially acts both as a stake one the ground reminding me to add new next actions and as a holding ground for all information about the project.

However with about 100 projects at the Current moment it is very tedious to process them the way I am currently using Evernote.

I currently:

1) click on the note

2) edit it

3) am than forced to toggle back to the note list with my mouse or some cumbersome use of the enter + esc on the keyboard.

4) I go to the next note and have to press tab twice or use the mouse again

Even worse is when I toggle back to the note list and the flipping thing goes back to the first note. Than I have to find where I was again.

Any suggestions please would be most welcome.

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I second this question with passion. In the previous version of evernote every scanned document opened in it's own window.

So I could easily add description after description and use CMD+W to close the window, no need to use the mouse when entering 100 descriptions to 100 docs.

Now it takes a lot of clicks with the mouse and this is way to time consuming now. Any solutions?

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