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(Archived) Definitely a Bug: Text Formatting in EN Mac 5



This is definitely a bug in EN 5. Version 3 and 4 didn't respond this way - and neither does any other app I use. Here are the step-by-steps of what I am doing, and there are a series of screen shots attached as well to see exactly what is happening. If you look at the screen shots in the order they were taken (see time in title) and the formatting cues in those, you'll see what is happening.

  1. I type "cmd-B" to turn on the bold text
  2. then I type "aapl" which TextExpander (TE) inserts the word "application" for me, but it comes in as application and I can watch EN back up and strip the bold off where it now says, "application" (no bold)
  3. I block the word out, hit "cmd-B" to make it bold, then go to the end of the word and hit "cmd-b" again to turn off bold and I now have the word "application" again.
  4. Then I type "space""cmd-v" to insert some text in my clipboard and it inserts that text as bold, which should not be bolded text.

So this morning, I tried it differently. I changed TE to insert as formatted text instead of as plain text. Now when I type the text "aapl" I get this: "application as it should. But then when I hit "cmd-B" to turn off the bold and hit any other key to begin typing or inserting text EN allows me to type that text in as unbolded, but immediately backs up and strips the bold from the previous word "application" into unbolded "application". All very strange behavior.

I can replicate this every time.

If I take TE out of the equation and simply type my bold text "application" and then turn the bold off (cmd-B) and type, it works normally. However, if I type "cmd-b" then type "cmd-v" it will not allow me to insert it as bold text. Yet EN used to allow this in version 3 and 4. I can insert as bold in MS Word, and other apps as wel, so why not in EN?







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