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  1. Unfortunately I don’t think you can go back on iOS. Your can on the macOS. I could be wrong and someone might correct me. But I don’t think you can.
  2. Agree.... the legacy version fixes the issue for now. Hopefully the current version gets fully fixed.
  3. I was very glad to see the legacy version. It’s funny, I was a beta tester for the new version and had zero problems with it then.
  4. It’s spotty at best. I’ve done it all. I’m logged in. Keep Evernote open close the computer and in the morning EN does not work. Don’t even try to restart the computer because it hasn’t worked for me ever. Unfortunately (?) i live in the country and don’t get good internet and sometimes I’m traveling. EN has been spotty. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. It has been totally unacceptable. When it does work (macOS) sometimes search didn’t work at all. Of course, when I desperately need to use it it doesn’t work. When I contact customer support all they can talk to me about is c
  5. Agree. It took over two months to get my data d/l’d into offline iOS though. Now we are basically good. Some glitches still. I’m being taught patience I think.
  6. Of course. V. 10 is the future. I’ve always been an early adopter because it’s the only way forward. I’m not too bothered by changes. But it’s a mix for me as well.
  7. You make good points. The iOS version is better now and mostly fixed things. I’m having less problems on macOS. But still really buggy for the one app I use daily.
  8. Well I love Evernote. But I have times when I am not connected to the internet. Then it won’t load. It’s gotten better on iOS but not perfect. In macOS it’s been horrible. That is just a show stopper.
  9. Agreed. And I don’t fee like I’m just a whiner. If v10 isn’t up to speed and they drop the legacy version, I’m probably gone.
  10. Perfect. Thank you all. So frustrated and I’ve actually found some answers here.
  11. ugh.... I guess I should download everything before that happens..... because the new version you can't even do that...yet...
  12. So, can anyone say how long the "legacy" version is going to be able to be used? When do they stop supporting it or when does it break on my macOS? It's my only lifeline that is keeping me at EN for now....
  13. Yeah, well.... the iOS app has been sketchy for me also. It took me two months to get the offline notebooks to download. I'm not exaggerating. And then periodically, when I don't have an internet connection I get a black screen in the iOS app and nothing will load until I get a connection. At least one other person is having this issue also So, yeah, I'm getting tired of Evernote. If it's going to only work like a browser, I'll likely hang around until the legacy version no longer works. Sad, but for those of us that aren't privileged enough to have an always on connection, this is craz
  14. Yes, I'm having this same problem in iOS app AND the macOS app. They simply are very unreliable (at best) when I am offline, traveling with no connection and it is uncalled for. Then when I write customer service, I get odd automated replies talking about local notebooks. Huh? I'm talking about no internet.... Thanks stocky2605 for verifying that I'm not the idiot here.... 🙂 I'm pretty frustrated and about ready to move on. Too bad, EN has been a great product. I'll stick around for now, as long as the legacy app works on my computer, but then I'm likely going to be gone.... unless they fix th
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