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  1. Yeah. Good. It has 7.2g off data stored. I’ll keep playing with to see if I can get it to repeat.
  2. Yeah. I’m aware of all that. Thank you for the details though. But as my picture shows when I was in airplane mode and fired up EN nothing was on the screen but blackness. Nothing. Most of the time it works fine. But this time it did not. I have not been able to replicate it every time yet, but when it randomly happens it is very frustrating. I believe it has to do with the way the iPhone handles what is stored in memory short term. But EN should make this data permanently downloaded.
  3. Um.... This isn't about whether the downloads were done or not, they finally did. I'm a very slow internet connection at home. This is about once they are downloaded and I fired up EN 10.5, nothing loaded on my screen - nothing. Check the screen shots.... Once I got an internet connection they all loaded even my so-called offline notes. I'm not a newbie here. I've been using Evernote since 2009. But I am saying that their dependence upon a connection is really frustrating.
  4. After finally getting my offline folders all downloaded - it took over two months (yes, months).... - I now had an opportunity to try them out last night. Nothing loaded. I had a blank screen past the elephant head logo. I had a few menu items, but when I went to find my offline folders NOTHING was listed.... I could do absolutely nothing! I'm so tired of this. I pay good money because Evernote is such a vital part of my life. As soon as I could get back online, then Evernote loaded properly and then my offline folders worked again. What's the point of offline folders if they don't work when y
  5. Thank you PinkElephant - that helps. I did see the switch all offline, but was afraid to ***** it up worse. I have left Evernote on all day today in the screen that shows the download folders. It is progressing albeit slowly. My home connection was slow, but my office is pretty fast, and I have seen progress.... So, I guess I know and just wait it out. Thanks again.
  6. yeah, that's not the same as I was looking for. I saw that too. thanks....
  7. I'm a macOS user. Latest version of everything and have this same issue. There basically is no preference pane for that and about once a week when offline I lose the ability to open and use Evernote. Then I try to restart, and cannot even open it back up without a connection. this seems intolerable to me and not a well thought out plan.
  8. Good advice. I wish I would have known this several months ago. I'm new to the thread, not new to the problem. I've been waiting for some notebooks to download for over two months.... Unfortunately, I cannot turn off the notebooks that are checked as "offline" ones. So, I'm stuck with only going through a reinstall? This is dumb, but if it works, I'll give it a try. The last thread I saw from an Evernote employee said that it has been fixed. It has not been fixed. I'm in the most current iOS and the most current Evernote for iOS.
  9. I would love to see this in Evernote - all evernote apps. Even though you would be servicing a minority of users, some of us users have no evernote products on our phones because of this feature. I for one would LOVE to see all EN products have some form of parental controls, or the ability to shut off direct links and force to open Safari. Here's another discussion about this: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/34140-disable-embedded-browser-in-evernote-ios/
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