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    work Chat - "read"

    Thanks... I was just getting used to using it regularly! LOL.... One thing stays the same in life - that nothing stays the same....
  2. I wish that the Work Chat feature would show you who has "read" the note and who hasn't. Otherwise, sometimes I feel like I have been left hanging out in a chat with no response. If I knew people read it - or at least that it had been read X times, that would be helpful.
  3. Great idea, but I'm like the maid.... I don't do windows.... :-)
  4. Adding my voice. This would be EXTREMELY good and useful. I'm a premium user and am not looking at other options. Evernote is my life, but this would make it better....
  5. I totally love this idea. I've only just begun to use Work Chat and I totally see the need for labeling the chats. It could get really confusing very quickly.
  6. this discussion can continue over here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/43806-disappearing-right-side-panel/
  7. I agree that we need an option to turn it off. I understand it's like that in the simplified article. Yet, why do I need the extra mouse-move/click in order to save. That's not a very good usability design....
  8. I'm using Google Chrome on a Mac. I love the web clipper functionality and use it a lot! What I don't understand is why it appears, chooses the defaults for the article (simplified, full page, etc.) then disappears and I now have to click the tab to choose "save" Wy can't it just appear and stay on top? It's an extra click that doesn't make sense to me..... But in the most recent update, it may only do that in the simplified save version.... Any thoughts?
  9. +1 - totally agree. I like the new look, just would like search right up on top.
  10. I have been a proponent of asking Evernote to stop using an internal browser for links in iOS, but rather to send us out to Safari. The reason? I prefer a filtered internet solution and use SafeEyes Mobile as my browser and have Safari turned off on my iPhone. Yet Evernote actually keeps it open because any link can be used within evernote and thereby making the internet unfiltered again. There are quite a few proponents of asking Evernote to turn off the internal browser, or creating a switch so the links aren't followed (The SmartEver App has created a switch to turn off links for those who want it). As a workaround, iOS 7 now allows for a stronger filtering of Safari. You can filter out adult sites, you can have an "always allow" and "never allow" list of sites (white list and black list) as well as a feature that is "only allow". From my perspective, it's not as strong of a filtering system as SafeEyes (www.internetsafety.com, or www.covenanteyes.com), but it does allow the use of Evernote again. Currently, I'm testing the "only allow" sites out. But it actually steps in an has the same filtering on all other browsers on the system. I can't login to my fidelity app right now, nor my AT&T app. So, obviously it's not a long-term fix. But I'm playing with it to see where it leads. I would still love to see Evernote at least apply a switch - either online, or at minimal in the app itself, to not allow the app to follow links without sending you to Safari instead. There are a lot of reasons for this - not the least of which are kid safety and shared folders/accounts, etc.
  11. I would love to see this in Evernote - all evernote apps. Even though you would be servicing a minority of users, some of us users have no evernote products on our phones because of this feature. I for one would LOVE to see all EN products have some form of parental controls, or the ability to shut off direct links and force to open Safari. Here's another discussion about this: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/34140-disable-embedded-browser-in-evernote-ios/
  12. Very much want to add my support of this topic. Right now, I no longer have the evernote app on my phone. I miss it incredibly!!! But until a feature like this is implemented, I won't be using it. I do use an app called "SmartEver" (iOS) that allows me to shut off the internal links. I like the password protected version much better, but for now. Smart Ever and the mobile version of evernote is a clumsy workaround. However, neither of those two options allow a person to open the encrypted portion of the note. So yes, please add this feature!!!
  13. This is definitely a bug in EN 5. Version 3 and 4 didn't respond this way - and neither does any other app I use. Here are the step-by-steps of what I am doing, and there are a series of screen shots attached as well to see exactly what is happening. If you look at the screen shots in the order they were taken (see time in title) and the formatting cues in those, you'll see what is happening. I type "cmd-B" to turn on the bold text then I type "aapl" which TextExpander (TE) inserts the word "application" for me, but it comes in as application and I can watch EN back up and strip the bold off where it now says, "application" (no bold) I block the word out, hit "cmd-B" to make it bold, then go to the end of the word and hit "cmd-b" again to turn off bold and I now have the word "application" again. Then I type "space""cmd-v" to insert some text in my clipboard and it inserts that text as bold, which should not be bolded text. So this morning, I tried it differently. I changed TE to insert as formatted text instead of as plain text. Now when I type the text "aapl" I get this: "application as it should. But then when I hit "cmd-B" to turn off the bold and hit any other key to begin typing or inserting text EN allows me to type that text in as unbolded, but immediately backs up and strips the bold from the previous word "application" into unbolded "application". All very strange behavior. I can replicate this every time. If I take TE out of the equation and simply type my bold text "application" and then turn the bold off (cmd- and type, it works normally. However, if I type "cmd-b" then type "cmd-v" it will not allow me to insert it as bold text. Yet EN used to allow this in version 3 and 4. I can insert as bold in MS Word, and other apps as wel, so why not in EN?
  14. Thanks for the update coming on the trash. That works for me. Love EVERNOTE! It is my life! The previous two versions allowed me when I pasted, to paste into the bold setting. In other words, I would hit cmd-bold, then cmd-V and it would be pasted as bold text. Worked the same with TextExpander from SmileonMyMac.com. But secondly, when I go back and block the text out that wasn't bolded, make it bold - go to the end of the line, unbold, then cmd-v for my next insert into the note, now everything becomes bold. In other words, it won't make some bold, but will make others - and I can reproduce it every time....
  15. There are a couple of bugs that I see in EN 5. I love it, it's way more customizable for using and I think overall it's better. Here are a couple of bugs. 1. Where di the trash go? I can find it when I right click on the note I want to delete. I can see it in the whole-screen view of the notebooks. But I cannot drag it to the shortcuts list. I cannot just hit a trash icon to delete a note when I am trying to clean up. So, when I delete things it's a 2-3 click process rather than simply clicking on the trashcan icon. I'm going to miss that. If I could drag the trash notebook to the shortcuts, or if I could have an icon in the top title bar, I'd be all happy again. 2. Font formatting and Inserting Text - Conventional use of inserting text in most programs including older versions of EN, allowed me to hit Cmd-B (turn bold on) cmd-V (to insert text) and it would come in as bold text. Now, I hit cmd-B and then insert the text it undoes the bold. Then If I block that next text out and make it bold, go to the end of the text, and turn the bold off hit the space bar and insert more text that I don't want bold, it backs it up and makes it all bold. Two programs I use a lot are iclipboard from Chronos.com and Text Expander from smileonmymac.com that allows me to insert text from the the clipboard or from short cuts pre-designed. I use these a lot and the inability to have the font controls that follow conventional wisdom in almost all programs seems like a bug - albeit a pretty minor one.
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