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(Archived) Backup Evernote 5.0 to Crashplan

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Hi All,

Finally decided to take the plunge and move my document library into Evernote. After a couple of days of extensive reading I am satisfied that this is the right application for me.

I use a Mac and I have the website version (not app store) of Evernote. I have read a number of discussions on this forum as to the location of the database but I cannot find it. Please note this is likely a user error so simple instructions would help :D

I am asking this because I back up all my computers to Crashplan and I want to ensure that this the local evernote database is included in the regular backup.

Thanks in advance for your help,


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I do like CrashPlan (especially because it allows backup to my own server) but the problem with backup of Evernote is that I get "raw" files which I cannot used without restore and it hard to do "single file" restore. It is more like "bare-metal" backup/restore - it is not "application" aware.

So one other thing you can use to backup your Evernote is cloudHQ: cloudHQ can replicate all your Evernote into Dropbox / Google Drive / Box and export them into PDF, MSWord, ODT, TXT or ENEX format. Sometimes it is neat to have ability of Dropbox history just to peak into previous version of a note or to have Evernote attachments ready in Dropbox / Google Drive / Box for further processing. Anyway just one more option to consider.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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