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(Archived) Options for turning off automatic features?

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Hi. Having used Evernote on Windows and Android for awhile and I have to say it is a great app! But there are some automatic features of the windows version of Evernote that I really don't like it to perform for me.

  1. Source URL: Whenever I copy some text from the web, it auto-fill in the source URL for me. Most of the time it is just a key word that I want and there are a lot more text that i copied from other sources. There is not only one single source for the note.
  2. Auto-insert space between texts: I come from Hong Kong and I am a Chinese and English user. Whenever I paste the text into a line, it automatically inserts a space character at the front. However, for Chinese texts, we don't use space to separate characters and words.
  3. Line breaks removed after cut & paste: When I cut a line of text with a line break at the end of the line, and then paste it at another place of the note, it only paste the text without the line break. This one bugs me a lot because back in the days I use notepad, it paste what I have cut and that was good times. Sometimes I just want to reorder the lines but with this feature turned on, I have to press enter every time I did that (and also clear the space at the beginning of the line, which doubles the annoying). I don't have problem pressing enter manually after a line I pasted that without a line break though, because I didn't entered one.

Is that anyway to turn those features off?

In addition, if there is a feature like MS Word that it can copy or simply remove the formatting of the texts and turn them into plain text would be really nice. (Edit: Just found out that I can paste plain text by pressing Ctrl+Shift+V.)

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi - the short answer to your post is (currently) "no".

Looks like the source URL is a distraction but might be ignored. The layout issues are tied up with the features (or lack of features) of the note editor. The only possible work around (AFAIK) would be to find another editor that suits your style to create a note, then copy and paste from that editor into the note. You would be able to attach the original file to the same note so that the content could still be changed so long as you have access to the third-party editing software. In cases where this is not possible you could still make new comments in the same note for later inclusion.

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