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(Archived) Web Clipper save to app and not the server?



Is it possible to have my Evernote client on my Mac get the clipping first, which then gets saved/synced to the Evernote server? Default seems to be to save clipping to the server.

I'd like notes to appear instantly in my client rather than have to click "sync " when I want to look at what I've clipped.


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As I started typing this reply (was going to say I am using Firefox), I realized that I haven't ever seen any 'options' or 'settings' for the Evernote extension for Firefox. So, I went to Tools->Add-ons->Extensions->Evernote Web Clipper->Options, and there is an option for "Send Clips To": "Evernote Web" or "Evernote Desktop". That did it.

I'm pretty sure I have never switched that option because I didn't know it existed. So, the previous update must have switched the default option, which caused the behavior to change sometime in the last 2 months.

Here is the screenshot of the configuration dialog box.

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