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(Archived) Linux anyone?

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I searched a bit on the forum and only saw a few posts a while ago, but wanted to check and ask is there something coming?

I love the alarm suggestion as I still don't have the "to-do" type thing that I can type at my desk and later look/add from my iPhone but everynote could do just that. BUT... much more important, living in a linux world I am playing with the desktop in a VM session of XP and it's pretty slick, so the big Q... are there others that are requesting it, is it in the works, etc.

Great job on the app though, didn't want this to be a bad post, just more a question :)

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We don't currently have plans to build a native Linux client, but we've had API Key requests from Linux developers who are interested in working on a Linux application that works with Evernote.

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I would very much like to see a linux-based evernote share server which we could run and therefore without security/privacy worries. Although the sharing is nice, the fact that notes I want to access from different machines and locations reside on a server that does not have provisions for ssh2 client access (as example) and whose data does not routinely encrypt is distressing.

Evernote is a great idea. The web portion is weak, and scary.

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i use evernote on Ubuntu through wine. it works pretty well. just doesn't look as clean as on the other OS'es

Are you able to install the Mozilla plug-in on the firefox browser running on the ubuntu system and then use the feature to cut/paste to the wine install?

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