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(Archived) Iphone Image Handling BUG (Photo Rotation)

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The Iphone app no longer rotates images correctly when you create a new note using the "saved photo note" option.

The thumbnail preview shows the images with correct rotation but when it attaches to the note it ends up rotated 90 degrees.

Most applications (including email) can send these photos with the correct orientation, Evernote used to also.

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There's a known problem with the iPhone SDK if you take a picture in landscape mode. There is no way for us to tell whether you took the picture with the button on the right or on the left. I.e. these two look identical to us, so we need to guess which orientation you used.

Supposedly, Apple plans to fix this in the future. For now, we recommend always taking pictures with the button either on the bottom (portrait mode) or on your right (landscape mode). Then the orientiation should be right when you upload it. I just did several tests and confirmed that this worked correctly for me.

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Portrait Mode Photos are being rotated 90 Degrees. I would never normally take a landscape photo with the button on the left,

but if you do they get rotated 180 degrees (ie upside down).

It is possible that the landscape problem has always been there and I have simply never taken a landscape photo with the camera button to the left, but the bigger problem is portrait mode photos with the Home button facing down are being rotated.

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This is a bit mysterious ... I just tested this a few times, and vertical pictures from the camera roll display correctly within my notes.

Could you test it one more time, but hold the camera straight up and down ... i.e. not pointing down at a table to take a picture of a document, but facing away from you so that the orientation sensor on the phone can completely tell up from down.

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