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(Archived) Emailed notes to Gmail are black on dark gray

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Hi there. I am a new user and so far generally impressed by Evernote.

I just tried emailing a note from Evernote to my Gmail account. I tried it twice, once from the Evernote web interface and once from the Evernote iPhone app. The received emails both have a gray background and dark gray text, as shown in the attached screen shot.

I am using Firefox 3.0 on Mac OS X 10.4

But here's the really odd thing. I tried a third experiment: Emailing the same note from the web interface to my Yahoo account. That email looks a lot better. The dark gray is there, but behind everything else. Atop that background is a green title bar, a white background for the note text, then a light gray footer bar ... presumably the way it's supposed to look.

All of this was with the same browser/OS. Unfortunately I always use Gmail. My Yahoo account is just a spam trap to register for stuff. So ... I know this is probably Google's problem, but they are not likely to fix it. Is there any way to accomodate them?

I should point out the reason this is important to my decision about using Evernote in the long term: I intend to e-mail everything to Google as a form of backup, since it is not possible to export Evernote to anything but its own brand of kinda-XML which cannot be read by anything else I have found so far.

Thank you!



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I'm having the same problem. And Gmail is my only email account that I use seriously for my work, so it's not really an option for me to email from Evernote to something else. I'm using Firefox 3.0.3 on Windows XP Pro SP3.

I hope they can find a solution to this...

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