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  1. Hi there. I am a new user and so far generally impressed by Evernote. I just tried emailing a note from Evernote to my Gmail account. I tried it twice, once from the Evernote web interface and once from the Evernote iPhone app. The received emails both have a gray background and dark gray text, as shown in the attached screen shot. I am using Firefox 3.0 on Mac OS X 10.4 But here's the really odd thing. I tried a third experiment: Emailing the same note from the web interface to my Yahoo account. That email looks a lot better. The dark gray is there, but behind everything else. Atop that background is a green title bar, a white background for the note text, then a light gray footer bar ... presumably the way it's supposed to look. All of this was with the same browser/OS. Unfortunately I always use Gmail. My Yahoo account is just a spam trap to register for stuff. So ... I know this is probably Google's problem, but they are not likely to fix it. Is there any way to accomodate them? I should point out the reason this is important to my decision about using Evernote in the long term: I intend to e-mail everything to Google as a form of backup, since it is not possible to export Evernote to anything but its own brand of kinda-XML which cannot be read by anything else I have found so far. Thank you! --Adam
  2. It does seem to be possible to create a note in one place and then edit it in another. The limitation is that you cannot use anything but plain, unformatted text. I am a new user. Since my version of MacOS is too old to use the Evernote client, I am using the web version which has an excellent rich text editor similar to the one in Gmail. It probably does the same thing as the Mac and Windows clients. A note created in the web editor without clicking any of those nice buttons like bold, link, fonts, colors, bullets, etc can be saved and then edited on the iPhone, edited again on the web client and edited yet again on the iPhone. I tested this first thing. By the way, an off-topic suggestion to the folks who run this board: Please say somewhere on the forum login page that the Evernote user/pass does not work for the Evernote user forum and that one must register separately to use the forum. Thanks! --Adam
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