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(Archived) Priority Labels and "always open" desktop support

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1) PLEASE add a priority labeling feature so that most important, urgent notes are readily identifiable in the long list of general use stuff. Colors, stars, highlights, whatever. This would add an intuitive layer of organization to the 'notebooks'.

2) PLEASE add an "always open" feature so that ongoing to-do lists, urgent reminders, and reference material are always visible on the desktop... you know, like a sticky note. (the third party app is not a good alternative) Call it "whiteboard" or something different if you like... but a dynamic, always open, frequently synced 'scratchpad' (of sorts) would be amazing. Think of how much it would streamline group projects and collaborations! If nothing else, add a 'view' option to the pop-out notes that removes the menu trees and editing toolbars and leaves a streamlined, simple view of the note contents.

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You should specify which Evernote client you are referring to when you post (e.g., Windows, Mac, etc.). Helps to focus any answers.

Sticky notes are the topic of any number of threads. Ditto "Starring" of notes. Please use the forum search tools to look for other commentary. Oftentimes, you can use tagging as workarounds for these facilities.

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