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(Archived) Copy Paste from Website to Note

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I write a blog which contains formatting, colors, bold, italics, etc.

When I past into evernote it seems like a bunch of blah is being pasted into the background. Kind of like when copy/paste from MS Word into a HTML editor, all the MS junk code comes with it, making things look all weird to the user.

It would be great to be able to see the code in the back end.

Right now I am having to copy text from a website, go into Text Edit (Mac), make into plain text, then paste it over.

If yall arent keen on letting users see the "code", then a paste option would be great, Paste as plain text, Paste as clean HTML, Paste as is.

On the android phone and tablet, when I want to edit a note that has been copied and pasted from a website, I click on the text to edit, and only that line is editable. I have to click another line to edit that one. On the desktop application (Mac) there is no problem, just type like im in MS Word, but not on the handheld. This becomes very challenging and annoying when I want to edit or add additional lines to a copy and pasted note.

Thank yall for a great tool!

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