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  1. Is it, or would it be possible, to have a split screen where you can view content from other notes in one pane, and be able to edit notes in another. I was in class today, created a note, was recording audio.. switched to another note to look at something, and lost the audio. Luckily i was just testing the audio... but a full 3 hour recording lost would have been very sad. I know you can do pop up screens.. but I want to be able to just scroll and see, scroll and see. I am happy to have that replace the "related notes" at the bottom... Thanks!
  2. At my job I have a lot of PDF's that I have to look through to find information. I would really like to use my tablet to do this. The Mac can preview and search PDF's Will it ever be possible for the android tablet to preview and search PDF's? There is a preview in the thumbnail... Thank you!
  3. I love that I can jump from note to note with links between them.. that was a great feature! I teach youth ministry, and often times use images to give a visual of what im teaching. It would be great, like on a website, where when the link is clicked, jump down the page to another area (to an image), then a add a link back up (to return to my notes). This would be a super useful feature. Thanks so much for a great product!
  4. I write a blog which contains formatting, colors, bold, italics, etc. When I past into evernote it seems like a bunch of blah is being pasted into the background. Kind of like when copy/paste from MS Word into a HTML editor, all the MS junk code comes with it, making things look all weird to the user. It would be great to be able to see the code in the back end. Right now I am having to copy text from a website, go into Text Edit (Mac), make into plain text, then paste it over. If yall arent keen on letting users see the "code", then a paste option would be great, Paste as plain text, Paste as clean HTML, Paste as is. On the android phone and tablet, when I want to edit a note that has been copied and pasted from a website, I click on the text to edit, and only that line is editable. I have to click another line to edit that one. On the desktop application (Mac) there is no problem, just type like im in MS Word, but not on the handheld. This becomes very challenging and annoying when I want to edit or add additional lines to a copy and pasted note. Thank yall for a great tool!
  5. I am not using Evernote to store all my stuff, site bookmarks, notes, everything. However, I am still having to bookmark stuff too. Im sure this request has come across the table. I organize my notes with a single root folder, example: ministry, school, cooking.. etc.. all get tagged within the root folder Any note related to ministry: Jesus second coming, armor of God Any note related to cooking: deserts, sandwiches Any note related to school: History, syllabus I would love to have a Google Chrome extension (Mac) and a favorites replacement (Windows) to replace the existing with my Evernote notes, as my bookmarking. So my notes as a bookmarking system would like like Ministry - tag 1 - tag 2 - tag 3 and so on. The cool thing about this, a tag can fit in other root folders, so if tag2 related to both Ministry and Cooking, I would find it in both areas, not have to do 2 separate bookmarks. Love the plugin! Thanks for yalls hard work!
  6. If i send an email to my evernote, then on my android tablet or phone try to edit it.. it doesnt treat it like a "word file" anymore.. rather gives me segments to edit at a time. If i create a brand new note.. it treats it like 'Word" Any idea why it does this?
  7. If I create a note, and attached a .. Word file to it This attached file resides on my local hard drive If I make a change to the offline (hard drive) file, is there a way that the attachment in the note could be updated as well. This is useful if you have a large amount of word files.. lets say procedures.. but you go offsite to different places. It would be very useful to be able to access the procedures from Evernote. It would also be very useful is Evernote was able to, during a search, be able to search within an attached file. I know it can search the file title name. But yes, these two features would be very useful! Thank you for a great product
  8. Is it possible to share a note. I have the note open editing The other person opens the same note.. It is in read only mode for them until i am done.
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