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Dating Coach: Writing Personal Essays for Each of my Clients

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For my business, Wolf & Garden (http://www.wolfandgarden.com), I create a shared folder with each of my clients. They are all required to download Evernote on each of their devices, so they can always keep me updated and vice-versa.

Each night I am out at a New York City bar/lounge/club, teaching a student how to better meet and connect with women. While they are chatting up women, I am viciously taking notes in my own Evernote folder. At the end of each night, we do a one hour debrief using the notes taken, going over their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how they can improve for the next week. The next day, I flesh out my rough notes into a full essay on everything covered the night before, and what the homework is for the week, and then move that essay into the student's own private folder.


These essays begin to pile up after a couple months, especially with so many students. That's why I'm so happy to have evernote organize each essay for each individual student. It's all archived. So they can see their progress over the weeks, and look back on any old advice given to them way back when.

Whenever they have a remarkable night out on the town, students can write up a field report of exactly how everything went down at the bar. I will get it as soon as it's been written. I also don't have to go through tons of old deleted emails to find a specific note. Evernote has it all organized for me.

Thanks Evernote!

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