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(Archived) Two Small Annoyances In Evernotes

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I have had Evernotes for quite awhile now and keep having a couple of problems. First, whenever I close it down and reopen it, it opens somewhat minimized. Not all the way just a box about 2-3 inches square. I then have to click the middle button to make it full screen. Next, I have on numerous occassions taylored the toolbar the way I want it. Only the buttons I use. When I close it and restart all my tayloring is gone and the default buttons are back.

Any help is appreciated.

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Thanks. For your first issue, my experience is that if you close Evernote by clicking on the 'x' button in the right hand corner, then when you re-enable it, it will come back in whatever state you left it in. However, if you close it all the way by doing, say, File / Exit or right-clicking on the notification area icon and selecting Quit Evernote, it will not maximize when you bring it back. So what I'd suggest is that when you open up Evernote, and it's the small size, rather than first maximizing the window, you resize it to a larger size by moving the edges, and then maximize, it should at least remember the larger size when you come back to it.

Not sure about the second problem; my toolbar and Favorites bar always come back the way that I left them.

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