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(Archived) SOLVED: Auto-Copy direct image links...again


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Yesterday my frustration with Evernote & Skitch reached a new low point!

It looks like they changed the "Copy Direct Link to Clipboard" feature!

Instead of copying the actual link to the image, so you can share and paste it for example in forums, it just copies "http://skitch.com"

Ahhh! Why Evernote! Im a PRO user and want this feature back. Please stop mollesting Skitch.


After trying apple script, automator and a variety of other applications, I found a solution:


It creates a shared folder in a special Dropbox folder, and you can set it to copy the direct link to the image.

Here is some proof ;)


Here is a tutorial I did explaining the setup step by step:


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I use Skitch HEAVILY to do my job (I work for a "deals" website, and I screenshot coupons regularly). If you're trying to force me to use the 2.0 version by robbing me of the most useful feature (copy direct link), I'm going to have to find a different screenshot utility. Is there a technical reason you've removed this functionality from the old version? I can't begin to describe how annoying it is to have to click "History" and then click the image I've just clipped and then click "Copy Link" and then click "Done." That's four extra, completely unnecessary clicks.

I don't know how it happened that one of the most useful apps of all time purchased one of the other most useful apps of all time and gutted it, but it's a bit ridiculous. And sad. Why not just do away with this 2.0 nonsense and give us back real Skitch? You know, the handy, elegant, efficient one? I'll stick with you guys for a couple more months (that's how badly I don't want to give up Skitch). But if things don't change, Jing it shall be.

Also, Happy Thanksgiving!

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