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  1. Just installed the latest Evernote update and I see that same Evernote logo I complained about at the top of this thread in January...oh well, I stopped using that "feature" long ago.
  2. Looks like I can now post a note from the web application into FB with the desired photo in the preview pain. This is a much welcomed change back it's previous behavior. Hope an update to the desktop application is coming soon!
  3. Please pass the word to your developers that this is NOT a feature but a unwanted restriction!!! I create notes with photos that displays in the preview pane of social media to draw attention to the message of the note. Your developers has taken that feature away. Please ask them to give it back!!! I'm just wondering why any of your developers would think that this is a "feature" we wanted...
  4. I hope Evernote gives Premium members the option of going back to displaying photos in the preview pane. I can't imagine anyone wanting that logo in every note he post.
  5. After receiving responses from two people at Evernote who said they were looking into this, I got the following response from s third: "The Evernote logo you see now is by design. We're making some adjustments to it so it looks more refined, but when a note is shared it will no longer display the image in a note, but will display the Evernote logo." Not that it would make a difference, is there a place at Evernote to register a complaint about this. I don't want this ugly Logo in the notes I share! Thanks!!!!
  6. Thank you gazumped! This has been going on for about 3 weeks now and it has been pretty consistent. I'm using a 2013 MacBook Pro. It does this when I share a note to Facebook from within the Evernote application AND from my Evernote account on the web. I'm seeing this behavior in Safari and Firefox. I'm running OS X 10.12.3 (16D32); the problem seems to be related to an OS X update to version 10.12.2. I've submitted a support ticket to Evernote - they were able to reproduce the problem. I just submitted a log file per their response. Hopefully a solution will be found soon.
  7. In the past, if I posted a note containing a photo to Facebook, the photo will appear in the preview link of the FB post. Now a "Evernote logos" is appearing in the previews of all notes I'm posting to FB (see image). What happened? How is this corrected?
  8. I'm using Sierra 10.12.2 and Safari 10.0.2 - the only thing the Web Clipper extension is doing is pointing to its login page where it indicates a successful login. It's working fine in Firefox.
  9. Context notes are no longer being displayed, even though I have the option selected in preferences. Any solutions?
  10. For every image in Skitch, I would like to have the option of creating a linked note (in Evernote) or creating a link to an existing note in Evernote. Thus when I open an image in Skitch, a note that this image is linked to would automatically open in Evernote.
  11. Thank you so much for info about Servus. I also depended heavily on the direct image feature of Skitch, that I just found out today no longer works. Servus works great - I will use it with the olld Skitch.
  12. I'm a Premium Evernote user. I use both EN and Skitch all the time. I wouldn't mind the integration of Skitch with EN, as long as Skitch 2.0 retained the functionality it had with version 1.07. I just don't understand why Skitch had to be destroyed before it could be integrtaed with EN. So unless 2.0 recaptures the features of 1.07, I will be happy to continue using both products (Skitch 1.07 & EN), separately!!!!
  13. I've downgraded from 2.0 to 1.0.7. Is there a way to stop ver 1.0.7 from looking for updates? Thanks!!!
  14. Skitch 2.0 did not work on my MBP. Fortunately, I still have the download of ver 1.07 - the version I stated with prior to Evernote taking over - and installed it. I'm a happy camper now. Will never update Skitch again with out reading the reveiws first!!!!
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