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(Archived) Windows Mobile (Touch interface)

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I own the Samsung Omnia running WM. Is it possible that you guys could improve the already brilliant Windows Mobile Evernote program and make it touch optimised like the iPhone client. I'm a little frustrated with many good programs and websites that work on both WM and iPhones and yet are more usable on the iPhone than the WM platform.

Also, i think I speak for many users when i request an offline option for WM users as well.

thank you in advance

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We're still actively working on the WM version, and the next version includes some very nice UI enhancements that we think you'll like.

I have a copy of all of my notes available on my WM5 Samsung Blackjack today via our IMAP integration with the mail client:


I use this pretty frequently to quickly access notes (e.g. recipies) while I'm away from my computer.

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