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(Archived) iPhone Evernote 1.5.0 behaving badly

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iPhone 3G running 2.1 (5F136)

Evernote 1.5.0 (39162)

Evernote has worked flawlessly prior to upgrading to 1.5.0. Since installing Evernote 1.5.0 the application seems to load the notes more slowly, sometimes never finishes loading and locks up the iPhone instead, and sometimes quits and returns me to the iPhone Home screen. The remedy when it hangs is to turn the phone off and back on again, although this takes some time of course. Sometimes I am able to successfully launch Evernote, view notes or add notes of various types, and exit cleanly. The problems do not occur with the same note, or even the same type of notes (text, jpg, pdf, etc.). They seem to appear randomly and about 30% of the times that I have used Evernote 1.5.0. Is anyone else having problems like this since installing 1.5.0?

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