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(Archived) Skitch Server Hosting: completely phased out?


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Yes yes, we're all dropping back to an earlier version until the Evernoted Skitch TRAVESTY has been rectified.

But two questions to survive until Skitch is SKITCH once again:

1. Can anyone else confirm whether, running an earlier version of Skitch, you are still able, as of today ( Oct 23, 2012 ), to to have a screenshot upload to your old Skitch-servers hosted account and get that nice old direct image URL? Because that was NOT working for me today. What i got today was a changed upload behavior where i was no longer allowed to upload to my Skitch account but HAD to upload to Evernote account which is providing NO direct (http://www.somehidde...enshotimage.jpg) URL to copy/paste (or have auto copied to clipboard as Skitch used to do) into forums, chats, emails, etc. etc. etc. ???

2. Has Evernote Dev Team (or better yet MANAGEMENT) said even one appologetic word about this nightmare ANYwhere??



PS: Screenshot "courtesty" (oh the SHAME of it) via Jing!: http://screencast.com/t/vRCht4zVLq1L

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This is how I Forrest Gump my way through the skitch disaster.

I use hotkeys:

First I skitch, draw on the graphic and click save. Then I used www.droplr.com ($3 a month). And hot hey that to get the shareable link that I can use for my projects. I know it sounds terrible, but it eliminates 2 clicks from the massive step backwards that is now Evernote Skitch.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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