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  1. Like we had in that fantastic solution before you guys bought it, when will we see: 1. Fill tool? 2. Dropshadow? 3. Simple drag-n-drop resizing on the fly? 4... Let's start there. Thanks.
  2. blived

    mac Skitch 2.0 - Mac

    1. It was a CORE feature, a key part of "what Skitch does" for 100's of 1000's of us. 2. Yes, please DO reccomend 3rd party solutions for which we were willing to pay you: which "direct image linking" solutions do you suggest we leave you for exactly please? Pff. First company voice in this entire 6 pages: - no appology - no communication of empathy or concern - no strategy to address major lost functionalities Am shocked that such a smart solution as Evernote can emerge from a customer "care" philosophy as MSoft'ian as this. Grrr.
  3. Good try Allen. Thanks for a smart and compassionate championing of Farotech's (like 1000's of others) justifyable frustration and kudos on not taking her bait. Your point was clear (had she been inclined to consider it) and fair (if had been inclined to take it). More we can't do. -David PS: Interesting postscript: after a long chat with live support i got it in writing that: "yes, we know there's a serious problem here and are tracking the critical feedback [on how we messed up Skitch]" and/but interestingly (troublingly?) also: "no, we have not formally communicated to our customers [eg via company blog, or etc.] an ABP owning the *****-up, appologizing officially, and sharing our expedited path of rectifying". *sigh*
  4. Farotech (the Compassionate), Thanks. Yes have been looking at working-up some work-arounds both on own FTP server and on CloudApp.
  5. Am SO (read "SOOOOOOooooOOOOOOOoooooOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!") with you here Farotech. Please concur on my similar post here and i'll also track yours here. And do let me know if you find ANYwhere where this company is aknowledging the massive F**Kup this represents! -DG
  6. Yes yes, we're all dropping back to an earlier version until the Evernoted Skitch TRAVESTY has been rectified. But two questions to survive until Skitch is SKITCH once again: 1. Can anyone else confirm whether, running an earlier version of Skitch, you are still able, as of today ( Oct 23, 2012 ), to to have a screenshot upload to your old Skitch-servers hosted account and get that nice old direct image URL? Because that was NOT working for me today. What i got today was a changed upload behavior where i was no longer allowed to upload to my Skitch account but HAD to upload to Evernote account which is providing NO direct (http://www.somehidde...enshotimage.jpg) URL to copy/paste (or have auto copied to clipboard as Skitch used to do) into forums, chats, emails, etc. etc. etc. ??? 2. Has Evernote Dev Team (or better yet MANAGEMENT) said even one appologetic word about this nightmare ANYwhere?? Thanks, DG PS: Screenshot "courtesty" (oh the SHAME of it) via Jing!: http://screencast.com/t/vRCht4zVLq1L
  7. Yes one can run a previous version, but I'm no longer getting a skitch-hosted hidden URL (which auto-copies to clipboard for easy pasting). Can anyone else confirm whether, on an earlier version, you are still able today ( Oct 23, 2012 ) to still upload to Skitch servers and get that nice old direct image URL?
  8. Is this a "HELP-me-please" issue or a "OH-jeeze!" feature request?... I have many notebooks shared with me by others. When i try to search across all i cant. When i go note-book by note-book (via client or web) the search will turn up empty until i just happen to select the notebook containing my search item. What's up?
  9. Thanks Dave. Sometimes a little, general, update like that, one that might only affirm an intention and general priority level, helps a lot. Went to re-post your comment http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=18149&p=73914#p73914 Dave, but found you (as it should be and is) a step ahead. Cheers, -D
  10. Thanks again Jefito for thoughtful comments that supported me to double-check my expectations and step into the other's shoes here. I'll close with this: The product is good enough that, baring the sudden appearance of a competitively priced solution possessing this missing functionality (shared folders access via desktop client), I'll stick with it and hope/wait for now. Thanks, D
  11. Thanks for informing me of how it goes here, whether by policy or by practice. My response to learning this is not "jerk" or the like but rather disappointment and resignation. In large projects (with big stake-holders and thousands of customers) that I've managed in the past, my experience has shown me that consumers would rather see a company brave the transparency that an honest feature delivery milestone represents and then miss it/deliver late then to be simply left in the dark about development priorities and targed functionality roll-outs. I respect the company's right to experiment with consumer expectation and trust this, obviously good company, will make a choice in the end that balances company peace with consumer expectation/desire/need. Guess that Evernote's policies in this regard cost them less in lost customers than it gains in the in-house comfort of having no official external/customer development expectations or performance markers to have to risk not meeting. Again, thanks for this important FYI. -D
  12. Thanks Dave, Clear by the quality of the features present and the loyalty of the following here that you guys are working hard and doing well. Thanks for reassuring that all comments are read/followed. Great. Given that the underlying issue (a common functionality request, i've since discovered) for me (in suggesting the creation of a "New Feature Suggestions" Forum) still remains UN-answered, could i use your attention here for a moment to either answer or point me to where you have already answered the 100's asking, in one way or another: When will there be, or what's the development progress on, Evernote desktop (Mac) client functionality for Shared Notebooks? ...for enterprise and workgroup (or work at distance) use cases, this function is a make-it or break-it issues for most prof clients. Thanks for enlightening, David
  13. mae culpa! *attempts an apologetic bow her way,...falls on ass* ;-))
  14. Found this thread thanks to burgers-n-fries. *kindly nod his way* - - - Thanks to all posting here for revealing the complexity of implementing this worthy forums/feedback functionality as well as possible. One Question: So for now then, and to be most in sync with how things are done here currently, when wanting to post a "New Feature Request" so that it is seen/valued/recorded/considered/etc., shall i just drill-down into whatever applicable Forum Section (eg: Evernote User Forums: Mac) and create a new topic? Thanks -D
  15. Guys, Thanks so much: 1. JB: very cool to meet you. Your ref to mad brit that did that long SAmerican slog (can you URL'me to a name or trip log?) reminded me of that amazing (National Geog.) mad-man that did that transect of Africa... who says this world is not still full of unexplored wonders, eh? 2. Burgers-n-fries: thanks for that key link... im reading up now and humbled by how much thought has already gone into this. One question: any conclusions or anticipated upgrades along these lines? Question for both (all) of you: so for now then, and to be most in sync with how things are done here currently, when wanting to post a "New Feature Request" so that it is see/valued/recorded/considered/etc., shall i just drill-down into whatever applicable Forum Section (eg: Evernote User Forums: Mac) and create a new topic? Very nice to meet you both and thanks again. david (at belived dot com)
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